Battery Replacement Program

Dell Latitude 5285 (2-1 Tablet) Replacement OEM 42 Wh Battery installed at your location for $200

Dell Latitude 5285 (2-1 Tablet)

Like us, a lot of people in your organization have been productive on the go using the Dell Latitude 5285. Your Latitude 2 in 1 tablet is probably just past three years and does not have the same charge life as it once did. Unfortunately, it is a little more difficult to replace the battery on a tablet, that is why we started a battery replacement program to help keep these great devices in service.

Call the 428 Group at 248-419-0528 or 800-705-2034 to schedule your replacement today

OEM Replacement 42 Wh Battery for Dell Latitude 5285, fully installed by a Dell trained technician at your location in Dearborn or Metro Detroit

How do I know if my battery is bad? Noticeable less battery life, Notifications from Dell Support Software, Amber Blinking light next to power button

Don’t have your device anymore? Help a friend out and forward our email.

Battery still performing well? Great, hang on to this email for when you need it.

How does the program work? Call us to order your battery and service, when the part is in stock, we will schedule a pick up at your location with same day turn around.

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