900W UVC Disinfection for Commercial/Retail

Learn More about UVC Disinfection

Quick Facts

  • 99.99%+ sterilization of multiple pathogens in a matter of minutes.
  • Runs on standard 110/120V AC power.

Why Choose UVC Disinfection ?

  • UVC can sanitize 500 ft.² to 800 ft.² in ten minutes. In a fairly empty room this unit can disinfect up to 16 feet away. Sterilizing surfaces, hard to reach areas, flooring, and the air in the room.  
  • UVC is also effective disinfecting many other flus, colds, viruses, and bacteria that can lead to false positives when trying to contain COVID outbreaks. 
  • UVC has been used successfully in Hospitals. Need a hospital grade unit, we have those too. (click here)
  • UVC is effective in line of sight and shadow areas.
  • UVC is a great choice for computer and other electronics.
  • UVC can remove human error from the cleaning process when used as a second step after traditional cleaning .
  • It is quick and easy, one operator and unit can move around an entire facility, unit is completely mobile.
  • Use this technology to give your public areas and bathrooms a quick reset.  
  • UVC gets into hard to reach areas 

Example Use Cases for UVC

Bathrooms are a key contributor, collector, and potential transmitter of pathogens. The small area, poor circulation, the general nature of the facility, and popularity make it an effective breeding ground for virus transmission. With a 900W Disinfection Unit the average size bathroom will take 10 minutes to disinfect. Completely addressing ceilings, carpeting, and hard to reach areas, not usually covered by traditional cleaning.

Hand wiping and manually disinfecting shared production tooling can be labor intensive, additionally the chemicals used can contribute to defects on your products. Dosing your tooling in UVC light can decrease turn around time, reduce waste, and save labor versus traditional wiping.

Restaurants are using this technology for a nightly restaurant reset. After the restaurant is closed and normal cleaning has taken place, a contracted cleaner, or existing trained employee will complete a full zap of the restaurant to disinfect all surfaces including hard to reach areas, carpets and point of sale equipment. Creating a safe environment for morning prep and opening.


Q: Does it only work with direct exposure to the lamp ?

A: It is most effective at line of site, but like visible light it reflects off of other objects and can deliver an effective dose to shadow areas. Our team can help you set up an effective dose for your application, but generally a moderately shaded area can be effectively dosed in 10 minutes.

Q: Can we leave it on in the Lobby or bathroom while people are in there ? 

A: No, the unit is meant to be run in an unoccupied room with a barrier or PPE between people and the lamp while operational. The unit comes with a remote trigger so it can be set up and turned on with the operator at a safe distance.

Q: After this pandemic slows down what will I do with this unit ?

A: The UVC unit kills many germs, bacteria, and viruses. Is widely used in hospitals because of its effectiveness dealing with drug resistance bacteria and other airborne respiratory viruses. It will likely be effective against future Coronavirus variants. Having an effective process that treats public areas regularly can benefit not only the Covid-19 situation but also cold and flu season.

Q: If this is similar to the effectiveness of bleach, and I have to clean anyway, why would I need this unit ?

A: Bleach is limited by where it is applied and the concentration of the product. The UVC light covers all surfaces and actually cleans the air between the surface and the lamp. Cleaning high touch areas with bleach is still a best practice, but UVC zaps the entire enclosure, eliminating the virus and human error. Additionally, this units addresses carpets, wall covering, electronics and other items that are not bleach friendly.

Q: What are some other advantages of UVC ?

A: With UVC light there is no fluids to buy, mix, or refill, no residual odor. Allows janitorial staff to focus on high touch areas, and debris removal.  

Q: Who is Parallax Lighting ?

A: Parallax Lighting is a commercial and industrial lighting supplier specializing in efficient lighting retrofits or new construction projects. Parallax can provide a complete solution for your lighting needs including help finding existing efficiency grants and project financing.

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